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Supported Protocols: ASCII & Binary

MemCachier supports both the memcache binary and ASCII protocols. Our preferred method is to use the binary protocol as it natively supports user authentication and improves the performance slightly over the ASCII protocol. All our documentation is written for using the binary protocol.

The ASCII protocol does not natively support user authentication. For MemCachier, where all connections require authentication, we extend the ASCII protocol in a very simple way. Once the connection is established, you should send a set command with your username as the key and your password as the value. For example:

$ telnet 11211
> set 15F38e 0 0 32
> 52353F9F1C4017CC16FD348B982ED47D

You’ll need to do this quickly! As we timeout connections that don’t authenticate within a few seconds. Once authenticated, the full ASCII protocol is available to you.