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Local usage

To test against your application locally, you will need to run a local memcached process. MemCachier is only available from the datacenter you signed up for. But because MemCachier and memcached speak the same protocol, you shouldn’t have any issues testing locally. Installation depends on your platform.

The below examples will install memcached without SASL authentication support. This is generally what you want as client code can still try to use SASL auth and memcached will simply ignore the requests which is the same as allowing any credentials. So your client code can run without modification locally.

On Ubuntu:

$ sudo apt-get install memcached

On macOS (with Homebrew):

$ brew install memcached

For Windows you will need to build memcached from source.

For further information and resources (such as the memcached source code) please refer to the homepage

To run memcached simply execute the following command:

$ memcached -v