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Key-Value size limit (1MB)

MemCachier has a maximum size that a key-value object can be of 1MB. This applies to both key-value pairs created through a set command, or existing key-value pairs grown through the use of an append or prepend command. In the later case, the size of the key-value pair with the new data added to it, must still be less than 1MB.

The 1MB limit applies to the size of the key and the value together. A key of size 512KB with a value of 712KB would be in violation of the 1MB limit.

The reason for this has partially to do with how memory is managed in MemCachier. A limitation of the high performance design is a restriction on how large key-value pairs can become. Another reason is that storing values larger than 1MB doesn’t normally make sense in a high-performance key-value store. The network transfer time in these situations becomes the limiting factor for performance. A disk cache or even a database makes sense for this size value.