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MemCachier is built from the ground up to make your life easier.

MemCachier was founded in early 2012 in San Francisco. It has grown every month since then into a profitable, bootstrapped company that today supports over 40,000+ customers. From scrappy startups, to large, fortune 500 enterprise customers, MemCachier provides the leading caching solution.

MemCachier has database cache in hand with managed service mode.

"The memory caching-as-a-service provider started as a hobby, but could it become the first company to build a successful stand-alone business around the distributed memory caching system?"

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How MemCachier went from a favor for a friend to cloud ubiquity

"Thanks to word of mouth alone, the bootstrapped MemCachier has been growing steadily in terms of revenue and users, now claiming more than 1,500 developers..."

Get Memcache on CloudBees with MemCachier

"We’re excited to announce that MemCachier, a managed memcache solution, is now available to all CloudBees customers. Now CloudBees customers can speed up page loads and improve their app’s scalability with memcache."