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Focus on Your App

MemCachier manages and scales clusters of memcache servers so you can focus on your app. Our custom memcache implementation offers better reliability and usability than memcached, with the same low latency. Tell us how much memory you need and get started for free instantly. Add capacity later as you need it without changing any code.

Fast, Efficient, Affordable

MemCachier is the fastest, most reliable implementation of memcache - an in-memory, distributed cache system. Built specifically for customers in the cloud, MemCachier is designed from the ground up to be easier to use, more reliable, more powerful, and lower cost than other implementations such as memcached. By using MemCachier, you can take advantage of the same low latency that memcached provides without sacrificing developer time and resources. Start with a free 25MB, and upgrade with ease when you're ready.

There's something about our features.

Never Change Your Code

You’ll never need to make a code change with MemCachier as your cache grows. Our architecture lets us add or remove capacity to your cache without requiring you to change your code.

No Servers; No Daemons

Never create an instance. Never worry about how much memory to have per machine. Never SSH to a server, reboot a server, configure anything, rotate logs, or worry about DNS. Worry about your app instead – we do the rest for you.

High Availability

Your cache is spread across many servers. When one of those servers goes down, you’ll only lose a small percentage of your cache and hence only see a small increase in cache misses.

Analytics Dashboard

Our analytics dashboard gives you usage insights to help you get more out of your cache. Learn more about the analytics dashboard.

Hourly Billing

Pay only for what you use. Our plans are charged by the hour and you can change from one plan to another in a single mouse click. Great for saving costs and finding the right cache size for your application.

Enterprise Ready

For inquiries about enterprise offerings with SLAs, dedicated clusters, 24/7 support, and larger cache sizes, please contact

“MemCachier is extremely important for Thanx — a snappy user experience is essential. [...] From our tests, an end-to-end request that took around ~1500ms uncached, now takes around ~800ms. Pretty awesome. MemCachier definitely lives up to Heroku’s standard of ease-of-use, too.”


Darren Cheng, Thanx

“I was using another memcache Heroku add-on until they had an outage for over an hour and there was no update on the status of the downtime. I made the switch to MemCachier in less than 15 minutes and never looked back. Since then I’ve found MemCachier to be great at communicating updates about the service. Plus I like it because I never have to think about it.”


Matt Deiters, coderwall

"We chose MemCachier because it’s cheaper, the free plan is more reasonable, and it’s more stable. I can’t really imagine building interactive websites without memcache. It’s easy to use and very efficient.”


Lin Jen-Shin, PicCollage

“We use MemCachier for their responsive support and simple setup. It’s been nothing but smooth sailing since we switched to MemCachier. They’re among the most responsive service teams I’ve worked with.”


Jake Paul, Flow

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